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I couldn’t resists writing my own LRS software, having the assembled mini boards lying around with no use. I’ll release the source when usable (everything from scratch) – I’ve just finished the last puzzle piece (ppm encoding; radio stuff, stream retransmission, ppm decoding is already working). All functions are nicely packaged in easy to test and review C++ classes with some test cases. There is still plenty of work integrating everything… If someone with good C/C++ coding skills and an ULRS mini board is interested in joining – please let me know.

One nice feature is already implemented: all data over the air is going through encryption, so nobody can “steal” your bird. It’s still vulnerable to replay attacks but that’s ok with me.

The reason I’m telling this already is that I just found a big issue in my PCB: The PPM line is connected to A0 instead of A3. Must have been a problem with my arduino eagle library or me messing around with it to remove some pins. From a software perspective it’s no problem. But flipflaps software will only run on that board with hardware mods or him tweaking his software.

Please contact me if you need a fixed PCB

Cheers Leif

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